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Wildly Brave Creations

2 Mystery Tumblers

2 Mystery Tumblers

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Product Description: This one is good for 1 Mystery tumbler! 

This is a game where everyone wins!  
We will go in order of orders placed. The person first in line will get ONE draw of a cow! The number pulled is the number of your tumbler you will get. You can however trade it for the trade cup! 
THERE IS NO FREE SHIPPING ON THESE! They are discount already :) 

 REMEMBER this items is RTS .
TURN AROUND TIME: 3-5 business days. Business days start the next day after the order has been placed 

Due to the customized nature of products made by Wildly Brave Creations. We do not accept returns, cancellations, or exchanges. If unsure about sizes please do not hesitate to reach out. Please reach out prior to ordering to ensure you order the proper size. If there are any issues due to a fault of mine, I will fix or replace the item(s) when the defective item is returned. A photo must be provided to me within 24 hours of receipt of the product showing what is wrong with the product. Otherwise, no replacements will be made.

There are no refunds. All money paid is non-refundable.
Exchanges are not allowed. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out prior to ordering.
Cancellations are not allowed.


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